General Chair:

PC Chair:

Local Chair:

Publicity Chair:

Publication Chair:

Tutorial Chair (ATT):

  • Wei Hu (Nanjing University)
  • Ren Xiang (University of Southern California)

Evaluation Chair:

Top Conference Reviewing Chair:

Poster/Demo Chair:

  • Ru Li (Shanxi University)
  • Haofen Wang (Shanghai LeyanInformation Technology Co.,Ltd)

Sponsorship Chair:

  • Kang Liu (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Industry Track Chair:

  • Shengping Liu (Beijing Unisound Information Technology Co.,Ltd)
  • Yanghua Xiao (Fudan University)

Area Chair:

  • Knowledge Graph Representation and Reasoning: Hai Wan (Sun Yat-sen University)  Zhizheng Zhang (Southeast University)
  • Information Extraction and Knowledge Graph Construction: Yubo Chen (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences)  Zhixu Li (Soochow University)
  • Link Data, Knowledge Integration and Knowledge Graph Storage Management:  Xin Wang (Tianjin University)  Gang Wu (Northeastern University)
  • Natural Language Understanding , Semantic Computing and Knowledge Graph Mining: Chuan Shi (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)  Zhichun Wang (Beijing Normal University)
  • Knowledge Graph Application(Semantic Search, Q&A, Dialogue, Assistant Decision System, Recommendation, etc):  Feiliang Ren (Northeastern University)  Wenliang Chen (Soochow University)